Summer 2014 | Jing, Cui

Jing, Cui
A Tomato #1

First, natural death. I documented this tomato’s of dying by taking six photographs per day for over two months, capturing images of its fading and shriveling.

Jing, Cui
A Tomato #2

Second, an infinite circle of appearing and disappearing. Under identical controlled lighting conditions, I photographed the tomato and printed this image out, then photographed the tomato with that printed image as a background. The result of repeating this series of steps over several hours is an infinite circle of the appearance and disappearance of the tomato.

Jing, Cui
A Tomato #3

Third, the disappearing image.
I photographed the tomato and then printed it out. Then I photographed only this printed image without the real tomato and then printed it out again. As I kept doing this, the image of tomato faded, so I was left with a completely white paper at the end.